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Health Benefits Assist

Supporting your application for health benefits

How it Works


Welcome to Health Benefits Assist!

We understand that the process of claiming health benefits can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to help. Our process is simple and straightforward.


Many people often get their applications for health benefits rejected simply because they have not completed the forms correctly. We truly understand the information that is required to give you the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.


We offer a free initial telephone consultation before making your claim to ensure your suitability, and to provide honest feedback as to your chances of obtaining a positive result.  

We will always do our best to provide you with clear and honest advice and to give you a clear understanding as to where we can assist you during your claiming process. 

The Process

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We'll discuss in depth your health situation and determine your benefits suitability and the next steps.

The Application 

Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through the application  process, ensuring you have the best chance of receiving the benefits you need.

Our Doctors

Meet the Team

Sharon McGowan
(BA Hons. Nursing)

Sharon is a retired nurse practitioner with over 35 years experience working with some of societies most vulnerable. She has also spent several years working for a recognised charity organisation in supporting clients to ensure they receive the health benefits they are entitled to.


She is passionate about helping people navigate the complicated and often daunting application and mandatory reconsideration process with, a high success rate.

Her kind and friendly approach makes this incredibly stressful time, manageable and less daunting.

Sophie Cheung
(LLB Hons.)

Sophie is an experienced civil litigation lawyer specialising in personal injury and medical negligence claims including accidents at work and road traffic collisions.

Through her claiming process, Sophie understands that many clients who are applying for health benefits have often suffered an injury due to the fault of someone else. 

Sophie is a dedicated and approachable solicitor who is happy to offer free legal advice or sign posting for those in need.

Our Services

These are the applications we can assist you with:

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  • Child Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

  • Attendance Allowance (AA)

  • Carers Allowance (CA)

  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Blue Badge Applications

  • Mandatory Reconsiderations

  • Checking Service 

This is the legal support we can offer:

  • Personal Injury

  • Clinical Negligence

  • Road Traffic Claims

  • Employers Liability (Accidents at work)

Plans & Pricing

Applications and Mandatory Reconsiderations

Applications for:

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  • Child Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

  • Attendance Allowance (AA)

  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Mandatory Reconsideration

For the benefits applications we will start by taking a detailed history as to how your health issues impact your daily living and mobility. Using this information, we will then help in the completion of your health benefit application form. We will also explore with you your medical supporting evidence, to establish which is the most relevant for your application.  We will also provide follow up telephone calls regarding the status of your claim and outcome.

Mandatory reconsideration applications are for rejected initial applications.  We will look at the assessors decision and challenge this where appropriate. Using your decision letter,  we will make a note of each of the statements you disagree with and why to challenge the decision. 

Blue Badge, Carers Allowance & Checking Service

Applications for:

Blue Badge: We will help and assist you with the completion of the online or paper application forms. We will also ensure that the required documentation is included and is appropriate.

Carers Allowance: We will help you with the application and specifically in evidencing the care and assistance provided for those with health and mobility requirements.


Checking Service: This service is for those clients who have already completed their health benefit forms, but would like some expert advice before submitting.


We will take the time to proof read your application and provide advice as to what to include, where appropriate.

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